Tuesday - June 18, 2019


Mandy Leger

Mandy and her family moved to Tampa in 2014 from the Mountains of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. She pursues an education at home, while managing her photography and bookkeeping businesses. From a very young age Mandy knew that she belonged outdoors. She felt at home in nature, which encouraged an active lifestyle hiking, mountain biking, and fishing.

In PA Mandy focused on portraits and sports photography, but since moving to Florida she has zeroed in on stock and product photography, focusing mainly on helping small businesses. She takes great pride in utilizing her skills to help various charities including the Humane Society, the ALS & Arthritis Foundations, and more.

Because Mandy has always enjoyed problem solving and the analytical side of things, she dove head first into educating herself at home and building a bookkeeping business. She will happily sit through hours in front of spreadsheets and end the day where her wild heart belongs, outdoors.

Mandy enjoys spending time with “her boys” (Husband & Son) and is a self-proclaimed Gundam building, video game playing, comic reading, Tolkien loving nerd. She enjoys helping others to lead positive, healthy & active lives through leading by example.

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