Local artist Silas Beach and photojournalist Simon Cobb, featuring the original painting and available print.

If you recall my last article was about a fascinating gentleman by the name of Silas Beach, the well respected local artist here in the Clearwater area. He painted a masterpiece on the front of the Tampa Bay Times the night of Hurricane Irma.

The artwork – This says it all.

Please read that article because I now find myself a part of my own story. We need help and support to bring awareness to what Silas and I have been working on tirelessly for the past week and more.

We have recreated this piece of artwork so it may be printed and sold to raise money for those affected not just by hurricane Irma and now those in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.  In order to go ahead and produce this print we need The Tampa Bay Times on board to allow licensing for that to happen. We are yet to hear of their approval but  looking forward to partnering with them to help this cause.

The original color artwork painted by Silas, I photographed, converted to black and white thus making it a more powerful image and message not just for what it stands for but when and how it was painted.  It was created on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times, dated Saturday the 9th of September.  It was being painted as Irma was hitting us in the Tampa Bay area. As people all around were out of power, Silas was using a flashlight and candles to illuminate his “canvass” to create this truly breathtaking work of art.

Silas Beach local artist who created this masterpiece.

We are releasing our rights to our work in order to print this image. The original will be auctioned off in the coming weeks to raise more money.

A local  printing company here in Dunedin, have been so generous and helpful have also offered to donate some prints to our cause. I myself am financing some of the costs because Silas and I believe in the project with our whole hearts. He and I work each and every day to reach people who can help us.

I have lived in the US almost 23 years, I love this country, love it so much I became a citizen and so proud to be one. I have witnessed the incredible resilience and strength the American people are capable of in tragic times, times such as these.  We need to support those who are beyond desperation and need help NOW. All Silas and I ask is, help us help those in need.

You can follow our story and find our blog, photo’s and video’s on our Facebook pages.


Simon has an extensive background in photography with more than 25 years of professional experience. Beginning as a humble village photographer with a small studio in England to the head of his game working on the red carpets of Hollywood as a celebrity photographer and working in TV. Before moving to Florida four years ago, Simon was a camera operator for TMZ Television interviewing celebrities for the show. Simon’s work has been published worldwide and has been seen on many TV shows and documentaries. Over the years he has covered every aspect in photography from studio work at the very beginning of the digital photography image era. Simon worked for commercial studios in Southern California who’s clients included Gucci, Armani, Vera Wang, to name a few. He is a contributing photographer to Getty Images, the biggest photo agency in the world. Recently relocated to Clearwater area, Florida, Simon has continued working as a photojournalist covering stories for news agencies around the world. There is little Simon hasn’t done in the photography world and this is what makes him such a skilled and passionate photographer with a true pedigree. If you have any questions regarding Simon's pedigree, skills or how to get in touch, please call at: 661 309 7689 or email him at: scobbphoto@yahoo.com