Google is changing the way they are ranking websites on mobile devices. They are calling this “Mobilegeddon”.  If the website on the mobile device is not user friendly, the Google rankings go way down and you get penalized. This is why it is so important to have correctly sized photos on your posts on the OnTampa site. If the photos are not sized correctly, it can take a long time to load and Google does not like this at all.

The new image standards should be:

Inside posts / content / pages, please size images to 600px wide, at 72dpi.

For featured images, the ones that will show up on the home page, they need to scaled to 300px   x  300px   

These can be cropped versions of the larger images, but it is important to use appropriately sized thumbnails for the featured images and not the full sized photos as it is penalizing your page load and page speed scores.

Ideally, in whatever photo or image program being used, making sure to save web-optimized versions of the photos is also extremely important.