Shelby Fallin is a native Floridian, who studies at The University of Tampa as a writing major. Like most people majoring in this field she hopes to one day be an author or possibly be a screenwriter.
She dreams to make a difference with her writing by using it to travel to third world countries and bringing awareness to those in need.

Shelby often volunteers for many different organizations such as  the St.Jude Up till Dawn fundraiser that will be held at the University of Tampa campus on December 2nd. The fundraiser is to help raise money for kids who are battling cancer. It will last through the  whole night, Shelby and her team are determined and ready to stay up till dawn

If you wish to make any donations to the cause feel free to click on to this link: Cancelling Out Cancer

Sabrina Cabrera Rivera is a new columnist for OnTampa. She was originally from Orlando, Florida and is of Puerto Rican descent. She is currently a student at The University of Tampa earning her bachelor's degree as a creative writing major. Ms.Cabrera Rivera has published pieces for a online blog called Geekwhale and published a poem at Polk State Community College in 2012 when she was only 14. She also holds a nice skill set of photography experience that she had build in her young adult life. When she isn't studying or writing her life away she uses her free time to take photos of her adventures in Tampa bay, teaching herself Italian, or losing herself in a bookstore. She is always on the move, meeting new people and ready to travel for another adventure. If you wish to contact Sabrina, you could send her a message to her email or Facebook account at