Hankassi is originally from the Ivory Coast. She moved to Florida a few years ago as a career logistic professional; working for multiple locations in supply management. Her job allowed her to travel around the world, where she discovered many different cultures and was able to share her culture and history with others.

Hankassi’s African Accessories was created from her desire to share some of the things she loves most about African culture and fashion. It all began with friends and later grew into a business due to the response she received everywhere she went in her African attire.
Today she attends local markets mostly on weekends where she exposes and sells her products; 90% of which are made in the Ivory Coast. You can find many different items up for sale on here website such as her own clothing line, shoes, jewelries, bags, a large choice of wax and Kente Fabric and even decorative object.
Visit her Website for the latest in African Accessories and fashion.

Hankassi African Accessories



Born in South America, Guyana to a Jamaican father, Earl Speid developed a passion for the arts at a very early age and in 2002 he received a BFA from Parsons School of Art and Design in Manhattan, New York. And has since worked as a professional artist drawing inspiration from all different forms of art especially photography.