Silas Beach, is one of the, if not the most formidable established artists in Florida. He has dominated
Clearwater and Clearwater Beach with his art for over 30 years and has become famous for work that
hangs in restaurants, homes & Galleries not just locally but nationally. His creative eye and reputation is
as deep as the history of Clearwater.

Silas is famous for the Bonefish Skeleton art work seen throughout central Florida but Clearwater is
where his name is best known. This 60 plus old 6ft tall thin stature of a man is respected and loved
throughout this community and I am proud to call him my friend and neighbor, he actually lives right
next door to me. He is somewhat a shy, introverted yet a mild mannered chap. He’s an exceptionally
intelligent gifted man, not just with his paints but also his words.

Our small community, Dunedin, just endured Hurricane Irma yet his creativity amongst the chaos he
was inspired to do a piece of art that is truly remarkable and just shows the determination of life going
on in the aftermath. As our neighbors and I sat outside by candlelight each night, Silas would be in his
home painting by candlelight. His love and passion even in such an obscure and difficult moment shows
that this man creates some art that is without question outstanding but ultimately comes from deep
within his soul. His compassion is seen throughout his art, his compassion as a member of our
community to show how he sees the world is truly remarkable.

The piece of art he created was painted on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times, warning the Tampa
Bay area to be ready for Hurricane Irma. It’s of a palm tree being blown sideways in the peak of the
storm. Only a true master of art could create such a defined and relative piece. Silas wants to reproduce
this painting and sell them to raise funds for charity to help those affected by Hurricane Irma.
Silas has a studio in down town Dunedin, it’s a wonderful place to visit and he would welcome anyone in
there to show his work and swap stories. We talk pretty much every day he has been on TV and
newspapers for years, to know this man personally is a true honor.

Article and Photo’s by Simon Cobb

You can contact Silas on his Facebook Page.

You can contact me through Facebook also.