I first met Nil back in April of this year through a networking group for business professionals. Nil was born in India but raised here in the U.S. He was 5 when he, his sister and parents moved here to Tampa.

Nil is always on the go. Easy to talk to, full of life and hilarious. He has many ideas for what he wants to do in the future, but is always working to achieve a goal.

Nil considers himself to be a student of life. Professionally he is an online marketer with a specialization in Instagram and is a wedding photographer. He learned photography through wedding photographers who were readily able to teach. You can always find him working on discovering new things to do, such as making music, editing videos and photos, etc… He has hopes to one day getting his pilot’s license.

Nil’s favorite things to do in Tampa on his downtime is singing karaoke to his favorite song Gold Digger by Kanye or just networking to meet more people.

To see some of Nil’s photography you can do so at: www.patelcreative.com