Remember when you thought you’d outgrown Halloween? That first year you didn’t dress up. Why would you? Trick-or-treating is for babies. Then sometime between getting a driver’s license and moving out on your own you were introduced to this whole new side. It became one of your favorite holidays. Well, not really the holiday. It became one of your favorite weekends. So much to do, so little inhibitions. And maybe you’ve outgrown that as well. But for those of you who haven’t, or even those who are just looking for normal, costume-less weekend plans, I’m here to offer a few suggestions.

For starters, there’s two pretty big shows coming to Tampa. On Friday, the 27th, Santana is playing at the Amalie Arena downtown. The following Saturday, the 28th, Kings of Leon will be at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater at the Florida State Fairgrounds. I wonder if the next sponsor can make that name any longer.

But if you’re looking to dress up and get real weird, it seems all you need to do is pick a bar. There are countless Halloween parties and pub crawls all over the bay this weekend, from Howard Avenue to Ybor City to downtown St. Pete. I would compile them all for you right here, but I don’t think I’d finish until after Halloween had passed. And I’m only given so many words.

I’ll be back soon with more posts giving a closer look at specific events and staples of Tampa food and nightlife, but first I felt the need to tackle Halloween. And for those of you out of town this weekend, maybe visiting New York, check out this link for some ideas.

John Charles Roddy is a highly regarded poet and author among his circle of scumbag friends. The Tampa born writer began his college career in the Business Marketing program at The University of West Florida, before deciding he preferred words to numbers. He has since switched his academic focus to English and returned to his home city of Tampa. After five or six (who’s counting?) years in college, he is still convinced he’s almost finished with school. His poems and short stories have been featured in two student literary magazines, he has won one student writing award, and earned countless participation trophies. Despite being the voice of a generation, Roddy has still managed to remain humble and grounded.