Tuesday - July 16, 2019

Eric Hornsby

February 3rd, 2018

What my friends and I like to do on our down time is have mock photo shoots at random locations throughout Tampa Bay . It gives us, young adults a sense of adventure without breaking the bank. So on a random Thursday afternoon, I dragged my friends out into Downtown Tampa with my camera in hand, ready for any weird model poses with pretty backgrounds. We began walking through The Straz Center to check out some of the new art pieces that were promoting upcoming musicals, which were at the time Phantom of the Opera and School of Rock. It wasn’t until after our mini photo shoot in front of these... Read More

Shelby Fallin

October 3rd, 2017

Shelby Fallin is a native Floridian, who studies at The University of Tampa as a writing major. Like most people majoring in this field she hopes to one day be an author or possibly be a screenwriter. She dreams to make a difference with her writing by using it to travel to third world countries and bringing awareness to those in need. Shelby often volunteers for many different organizations such as  the St.Jude Up till Dawn fundraiser that will be held at the University of Tampa campus on December 2nd. The fundraiser is to help raise money for kids who are battling cancer. It will last through... Read More

Uriel Larson

September 20th, 2017

The first time I’ve ever met Uriel was back in late February of  2017 when I was rehired as a photographer at the Busch Gardens’ merchandise department. I had accidentally called her Ariel before proceeding to sing ‘Under the Sea’ with her for a solid few minutes. It was safe to say that we became pretty good friends at work shortly after that.  Uriel was originally from Merritt Island, Florida before moving to Tampa in June of 2013 to go to The University of South Florida as a theater major. Uriel had always held a strong passion for the magic that was hidden in the... Read More