You finally made it to Tampa, where it is always sunny and shiny, where no matter how close we are to Christmas you can always find the perfect weather to get a tan all year round. Sounds amazing right? Well as you might know Tampa has lots of fun things to do, like going to the beach in St Pete, or exploring the Bay of Tampa with the magnificent option of renting a bike so your feet don’t get tired of walking, finding amazing spots to eat and much more.

As a local I have the privilege to explore the city so I get to know the hidden spots that not so many tourists have on mind, and here is the great news.,

I got you covered! Tampa has (as many other states of the country) its own Tampa postcard where you can visit and take a great selfie, pic or landscape of the mural itself, perfect to remember your trip to Tampa.

The mural is right on North Florida Avenue, outside of an advertising agency building, it’s close to Downtown so you can enjoy a nice walk, as well as the view of the infinite buildings around, with several shopping spots to find a refreshment.

 The mural also gets illuminated at night, so you can go there when the sun goes down for a picture as a Finale of your day, and just at the corner, you can find different bars to grab a bite or a drink. I personally enjoy going to “Fly bar” one of my favorite spot in the city, it has a great list of signature cocktails and live music every weekend.  There are also several parking spots around the mural so you don’t have to be worried if you get there in your car.

So there you have it, next time you come to Tampa or even if you live here but never had been there I recommend you to give it a chance.

Location Tampa postal mural: 1102 N Florida Ave, Tampa FL 33602.

Jimena is a new columnist based out of Tampa. She is originally from Mexico and has a bachelor’s degree in Image Consulting. She is passionate about traveling and photography, getting involved in fun activities and events, as well as trying new trends and adventures. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and nature. Her background in the image consulting industry led her to this amazing city where she met her husband. Now they are a happy entrepreneurs, pursuing their dreams together. Get in touch with her on her social media: Twitter: @Caesjimee Instagram: @jcaeswoods