Steven Ramsey is a man of multiple dimensions.  He speaks softly but walks quickly.  He tells stories of his life while adding splashes of spiritual insights and personal philosophies.  He is a kung fu master.  He is also a very prolific artist whose range of creativity boggles the mind.

In telling the tale of is own life, he constantly returns to his drive to create. “I have been painting for 63 years.  I started when I was five years old,” he says. “Even if I painted 5,000 works and not a single one sold, I’d keep right on painting.”

Steven Ramsey talks about his experience as an artist to a group of students at St. Petersburg College.  In the background are two of his pointillism pieces.

He attributes his love of the artistic to his mother who showed him how to make linoleum prints.  She encouraged him to embrace his creativity.  One of the clearest records of his range is a one man show currently exhibiting at the Downtown campus of St. Petersburg College.  The walls explode with a diversity of pieces whose styles appear to come from five artists rather than just one.  He plays in pointillism, prints, drip painting, burlap cutouts on canvas, and oils.  His subjects range from musicians to dancers, animals to abstracts.

“I look at myself as making a painting for every person in the whole world.  Even if I don’t know who the work is for, I know it is for someone out there.”

His eyes get a twinkle in them when he adds “I asked God thirty years ago to give me ideas every day.  You have to be careful what you ask for — I have ideas every single day.  I have drawings everywhere.  Some I’ve made larger works and some I’ve lost. But I never take down time.  I’m always working on art.”

Mr. Ramsey is still adjusting to the Florida art scene.  He moved with his wife, Joyce, from Indianapolis to the Tampa Bay area two years ago.  The reason for his move: it was too cold up there!  The other reason they chose to move to Florida was its proximity to the water.  He finds that waterways offer a sense of tranquility that he enjoyes. In nearly every other place he lived, Ramsey says that he had to commute pretty long distances to find a beach.

“I love it here, I’m five minutes to the water.  Plus, people who live near the water are friendlier than those who are land bound.”

However, no matter how close to the beach he is, he keeps on making works.  He advises aspiring artists to do the same:  “Don’t take days off and don’t let anything deter you from being an artist.”


Steven Ramsey is showing at Gallery@244, St. Petersburg College, 244 2nd Ave. North, St. Petersburg

He shows at the Inkwell Center, 2905 N 50th St, Tampa, FL 33619.

He has a one man show at the Carrollwood Cultural Center from November 1 to January 3. 

To contact the artist: