We all know beer is one of the most popular drinks in the states either for special occasions, at a fancy restaurant or just to have a fun weekend with friends, so this time I wanted to share with you the best places to get beer in the Tampa Bay area.

1. World of beer
The name says it all, World of beer offers you a great selection of beers with great atmosphere and on top of that a great sitting area inside and outside for those nice sunny days we always get here in the bay.

2. The independent bar café
Place located in the south Tampa area with amazing selection of beers with innovating brewing flavors like black chocolate stout, they also offer a separate entrance if you are just planning to head down to get coffee and sandwiches (which are incredible amazing), so you can avoid the temptation of getting a beer when you are not supposed to or if you are taking your kids with you.

3. Coppertail brewing company
For a great atmosphere in one of the most reclaimed buildings of the city because of their painting murals inside and outside, Coppertail Brewing Company is a place that makes their beer inspired in sunny Florida, using hints of flavors like “guava passion”, “warrant”, and “Sorcha O’ Sullivan”. If you go there don’t be afraid to order everything, you can’t go wrong with their selection.

4. The Pub Tampa Bay
The place that actually makes the happy hour count, with endless bourbons and scotches, imported beers and draft selections. The Pub not only has great service and great food, it also has incredible offers every single day of the week, so it doesn’t matter which day you suddenly decide to grab a beer, The Pub Tampa Bay is the right place for you.

5. Angry chair brewing
Don’t let the name make you angry, this place is always updating their tap selection so every time you go you can find something new, as they believe boring is not a good thing, they look forward to making you smile with authentic and tasty creations.

Jimena is a new columnist based out of Tampa. She is originally from Mexico and has a bachelor’s degree in Image Consulting. She is passionate about traveling and photography, getting involved in fun activities and events, as well as trying new trends and adventures. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and nature. Her background in the image consulting industry led her to this amazing city where she met her husband. Now they are a happy entrepreneurs, pursuing their dreams together. Get in touch with her on her social media: Twitter: @Caesjimee Instagram: @jcaeswoods