Do you ever feel that there aren’t new places to go either to eat, have a drink or even have fun? Yeah, I used to have the same feeling. Sometimes it looks like we don’t have more option than going to the drive-thru of one of those popular fast food chains and get a burger and fries, boring isn’t? At least when you have it for dinner more than you can even think about it. Having different alternatives to eat is always a plus when it comes to choosing the right place to live. Tampa is another reason to choose it as a place to live offering an amazing food wise options for everyone, believe it or not, Tampa is a city with a diverse multicultural atmosphere, where you can easily find food from around the globe within blocks of distance. From the best Cuban sandwich to the tasty ramen all in one city. With fancy restaurants like Armani with an exclusive menu and a spectacular view of the bay of Tampa to small kitchens with homemade food to choose like don Pan with hot chocolate and sweet bread made every morning and so on, having so many choices can give you the access to travel to those places where authentic food is made without jumping into a plane, and yeah my pocket is very thankful for it. Because when it comes to eating I always look for new creative dishes and getting close to the culture the dish is made from, so I can know what to expect if I possibly plan to travel to those cities. If you are like me and you plan to move or just take a vacation consider the city of Tampa which is a place to enjoy in any sense.

Jimena is a new columnist based out of Tampa. She is originally from Mexico and has a bachelor’s degree in Image Consulting. She is passionate about traveling and photography, getting involved in fun activities and events, as well as trying new trends and adventures. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and nature. Her background in the image consulting industry led her to this amazing city where she met her husband. Now they are a happy entrepreneurs, pursuing their dreams together. Get in touch with her on her social media: Twitter: @Caesjimee Instagram: @jcaeswoods