October is for most of the people I know one of the best seasons of the year, as it is for me as well because October brings Halloween every year with lots of candies and activities for everyone, and of course, who doesn’t love candies?

Tampa is a very versatile city where you can find amazing Halloween experiences for adults and kids. One of the Florida’s best interactive haunted houses called Scream-a-Geddon, a local horror park in Tampa based on the north area of the city, just in the middle of bushes to give you a more credible horror experience has to offer up to 5 haunted houses with different themes, in this houses you get to choose if you want the scary actors to touch you or not using these neon bracelets so they can identify you. The park is just like any other local fair at your town but with a scary twist, which I personally enjoyed since you can really get scared from random scary actors walking around the park and not just inside of the haunted houses. Next best thing to do during Halloween season is to visit the popular amusement  park Busch Gardens since it has an interactive opening for guest to come during the night to experience a scary night, they offer several haunted houses and of course the chance to ride their most popular roller coaster with a very scary dark view, not to mention that if we already get scary during  daylight with the roller coasters imagine doing it at night where you can get suddenly scared by their amazing team with incredible costumes. The best things about this two temporary horror parks are that you can decide how scary you want to get or not. Actors are amazingly respectful about your scary desire and believe me, as a very easily scary person I really enjoyed going to experience these activities for the very first time. But in case that you don’t desire to get scary at all and just enjoy the traditional trick or treat Halloween night, the city of Tampa hosted some other activities where you could also bring your kids and even your pets, for example alongside the river walk in downtown, where some sponsors shared their free sample goodies and candies for everyone who joined the walk, as well as food trucks and music at the end of the river, so you could finish the best Halloween day with everyone there.

So now you know, next year make sure to get to experience the best activities the city has to offer and make sure to keep you on track for future things to enjoy for Christmas, I will see you next year Halloween, waiting for more scary activities to do with my friends and family and of course having an excuse to eat candies every day until the end of the year.


Jimena is a new columnist based out of Tampa. She is originally from Mexico and has a bachelor’s degree in Image Consulting. She is passionate about traveling and photography, getting involved in fun activities and events, as well as trying new trends and adventures. She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and nature. Her background in the image consulting industry led her to this amazing city where she met her husband. Now they are a happy entrepreneurs, pursuing their dreams together. Get in touch with her on her social media: Twitter: @Caesjimee Instagram: @jcaeswoods